Personal Med is a privately-held medical device company based in Redmond WA. We were previously a business unit of SRS Medical, a leading manufacturer of equipment for urodynamics, and we are led by Kevin M. Connolly, former CEO and Founder of SRS Medical.

News Release: Personal Med Launched to Advance Women's Health

Surveys show that many women suffer silently with urinary incontinence. Some believe it's an inevitable part of aging (which it's not). Often they are too embarrassed to discuss it even with their own physician. We understand that because of the sensitive nature of incontinence, many women prefer to at least start with self-management. That's why, although Personal Med's primary purpose is to support clinicians, we also provide and support selected products for patients/consumers.

Personal Med is dedicated to restoring dignity and quality of life to all women; that includes those in the greatest need. Our major pipeline product, the inFlow device, is a transformational technology for women with atonic bladder, an incurable condition associated with serious neurologic disorders and injuries such as advanced MS, spina bifida, diabetic neuropathies, spinal cord injury and stroke. We also support physicians in developing nations who treat obstetric fistulas, a severe pelvic condition. Currently, Personal Med is supporting: The West Africa Fistula Foundation.

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